BPA is the world leader in providing Quality Solutions for Contact Centers worldwide. Our customers choose us because we focus on their needs and goals. Below are some of the defining reasons customers worldwide choose BPA as their Contact Center Quality Solution Provider.

  • It’s Easy with BPA! – We do everything for you, from setup and training, all the way to analysis and reporting, we do all the work for you and get the job done right.
  • You Want Experience on Your Side! – We have a 30 year proven track record in achieving results No other company can give you this level of experience in this industry.
  • You are Global! – We have a global reach, we can cover all time zones with our service and delivery.
  • Your Business is Unique! – We take a partnership approach to tailoring our services to meet your requirements. You have a unique business and we work to understand your business model and make our recommendations fit your culture instead of generic call center recommendations.
  • You Want the Truth!We offer transparent, objective evaluations. We focus on facts not opinions, we evaluate from the perspective of the customer, unbiased by any internal pressures or cultural issues.
  • You want professionals! – We staff trained and professional Analysts with multi-lingual capability. We hire, train and maintain a staff specifically designed for your business.
  • You Want Customizable Reporting! – We have a specialist in-house software team. We can provide technology and feedback solutions through our state-of-the-art reporting site and customize it to your specific needs.
  • You Want Experience with Call Recording Systems! – We have a wide variety of experience with recording systems and call access of all kinds (i.e. Call Copy, NICE, Witness, Etalk, Verint, etc.)
  • You Want Value! – We offer you the best value solution. We offer a lower cost of service and more importantly a higher return on your Quality investment.

Contact Us today at 516.300.1236 or karyn.dupree@bpaquality.com.  We can tailor a managed quality assurance service project for you today!