Call Center Management and Coaching

Within any call center environment, there should be a lot of managing and coaching going on.  However, you may be coaching the wrong things.  This just produces time wasted…as we all know, Time is Money.

How can you discover what is important and what isn’t when listening to calls?  The pivotal word is LISTEN.  We train our agents to listen to our customers; however, managers don’t really have the time or know-how to listen to their agents.  Instead of AHT, FCR or script adherence, what we need to be listening to is the words they use and how they use them.  Language is the only way agents can engage with customers and if we are neglecting this simple fact, then customers are going away less satisfied and even less loyal.  Ultimately, people buy from those they like and feel good about doing business with.

If your agent is concerned about their AHT, then the customer will leave the conversation feeling rushed.  If they are calling into your center, they want to TALK to someone and if your agents are not giving them that opportunity, then it will be an epic fail all around.

So, when you are monitoring agent calls…listen to them listening.  Remove yourself from all the call center laws and listen as if you were the customer and all should be right in the call center world…

4 thoughts on “Call Center Management and Coaching

  1. Great info… monitoring and coaching in call centers is a critical task and it should be done very carefully.. i think listening the calls of agents could provide you with valuable information to work upon…

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