Quality Monitoring should not be about Pet Peeves

Quality monitoring is designed to focus on the impact the agent is having on the customer.  For example, is the agent demonstrating a willingness to help and go the extra mile for the customer? If so, the agent will have a very positive impact on the customer.  The opposite is true if the focus is on what the agent is unable to do for the customer.

Yvette Renda, Director, People Development & Training at BPA Quality

At BPA Quality we focus on the impact the agent is having on the customer.  At times, when consulting with the quality monitoring teams in other companies, we notice the focus may shift from what is really impacting the customer in a negative way to the analyst’s or coach’s own personal pet peeve or opinion.  For example, the coach may count the number of times the agent used “um” in the conversation.  Or the agent stated “yeah” instead of “yes”.  A small number of customers may notice these areas but the majority of customers will not and there are usually more significant areas to monitor and coach to.

If a quality monitoring program is tracking pet peeves it will more than likely be perceived by the agent as nit picking and unfair.  The agent will more than likely resist this type of feedback and will not be focusing their attention on building essential soft skills.  As a result, the quality monitoring program will not be tracking areas that will help improve performance and the coaching will not be effective.