Things that make you go, Hmmmmm…

Last week, we sent out a news release about our rebranding efforts.  Now, we included many errors within our release; however, did not receive any responses to those errors.  That was a test to see how many executives would catch errors that your customers may catch from your individual agents.  Call, email, and chat monitoring is so important to remain at the top of your game and ensuring customer loyalty.

At BPA Quality, we work hard to ensure that the words your agents use are used properly and they send out the best representation of your company.  When you stop and realize the importance of the interaction, then you will realize the importance of that touch call center agents have on your customer.  They are the life line and should be provided with the best in training.  How do you know what to train on?

That is where Quality Monitoring plays a vital role.  Voice inflections, positive vs. negative statements and the “Get ‘R Done” attitude can make or break the customer relationship.  Our experts in monitoring can not tell you how many times they have heard lost opportunities to WOW that customer.

Teaming up with BPA Quality can make this understanding easy…we do the listening, reporting and analysis and put it nice and neat in our easy to read, online tool.  All that needs to happen then is for your Managers and Supervisors to do what they do best:  Coach and Train their agents to make them even better.

We will be putting out a quarterly newsletter on topics that are important to you.  Please provide topics that you would like covered by our Call Center Experts!  As always, I wish you all greater successes and opportunities to reach your goals!