Internet Summit 2010: Future of the Web and Your Customers

The World of customer Service is changing before our eyes.  In recent years, it was only about the interaction between your customer and your retail / call center agent.  Today, those interactions are still extremely important; however, the social media world has created another form of communication and all you need to do is log into that conversation.

Due to this explosion, your customers are now provided with an array of choices to cater to their needs and wants.  These choices have diminished their loyalty to you.  How are you going to overcome this influx of competition?  You must become part of their conversation.  Not only your company, but also your BRAND Champion :: employees.  Your Customers are also talking about your Brand, good and bad.  By becoming integrated within their day-to-day lives, you can overcome their complaints and become their customer service hero just by being engaged.

Think about the brands that really stir up emotion in us; i.e., Starbucks, Apple,,, etc.  They have done a wonderful job creating positive thoughts of their brand when they aren’t even around to remind their customers.  This is because their employees are engaged with their customers.  The company and employees have provided a Brand Promise that customers have learned to be able to TRUST.

This trust is established due to their personal touch and engagement.  The internet has provided an ideal medium to give the customer the personal touch they need to be able to want to purchase from you.

Oh, and by the way, it can be monitored and measured.  Can it get any better than that?

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