The Online Customer Experience and Behavior


Sorry for the delay in the series from the Internet Summit, but the holidays have kept me hopping!

To pick up from our last blog, the online customer experience and behavior can be measured and monitored.  What an awesome way to figure out trends or what might be coming then by hearing what your customers are saying about you on Twitter.

Twitter can provide real-time and searchable status updates from your customers.  It is much easier to complain about service or dissatisfaction with a company via an internet portal such as Twitter or Facebook, then to call into the call center in hopes to reach a manager to voice your unhappiness.  Instead of that dissatisfaction reaching just a few friends, now it is reaching hundreds or even thousands.  Getting into the online conversation can run interference for a potential backlash of lost customers or just bad PR.

Many companies have done an excellent job at getting into that conversations; such as, Zappos, GoDaddy and ComcastCares.  Following their lead into this portal can only increase the customer experience and loyalty, but it can also help you develop a reputation of being AWESOME!

Satisfied customers will leave you for a better deal, but loyal customer will give you an opportunity to fix a problem…so jump on the trend and find out what your customers are saying about you!