Quality Monitoring Made Easy

Quality Monitorin is HardWhat company out there can really say that their Quality Monitoring program is easy?  The factors involved in a solid, beneficial program can be some what overwhelming to the contact center’s Director, Managers, Supervisors and Leads;  not to mention the additional involvement of the Training and Business Analysis departments.  Let me take you through what Quality Monitoring may look like at any given contact center.  There are really 3 ways QM can be done:  1) Manager/Supervisor 2) QM Team 3) 3rd Party Vendor

In the first 2 scenarios, a center will need to hire, train, calibrate, and overcome turnover.  Once a center has hired and trained, employees must pull recordings, listen/evaluate, check for learning/training need, train/coach, and produce viable reporting that can be used for trending and accessing the success of the said center.  Now depending how a center is setup, each one of these steps can contain several steps to become successful.  I may have been able to put these steps in just a few sentences, but the fact of the matter is that Quality Monitoring is time consuming and stressful.

What if you could make Quality Monitoring easy, cost effective and brilliant?  What if you could hire a quality monitoring expert with 22+ years of experience to come in and flip a switch and create a program that would uncover trends, training opportunities and overall increase in Customer Satisfaction/Loyalty?  Financially, you probably could not afford such a person to be on payroll, but it is not an unobtainable prospect.

Experience with an EASY Switch!  Where do you look?  How about a Call Monitoring firm that can provide all of this with a passion for your center’s success?

I have worked with a number of suppliers offering similar services over the past 18 years. None have offered the exceptional high standards, good value, passion and flexibility to a client’s needs as I experienced so far with BPA staff.  I remain highly impressed with their approach and would not hesitate to recommend and promote their services.  In fact, I already have done!

European Contact Centre Manager – Samsung ElectronicsBPA Quality Simple Switch

BPA Quality’s customers have come to expect a partner in their success and utilize BPA’s experience to provide solid monitoring and reporting.  Since we are based in the U.S.A., BPA can give you that partnership that gets results.  Allowing our team an opportunity to show you how easy and effective your Quality Monitoring can be will only leave you wanting more.  Check out our site:  http://www.bpaquality.com or call Karyn at 516.300.1236 for your very own EASY SWITCH.

Making Quality Monitoring Easy, one (or more) contact center(s) at a time.