Mean what you write…

Quality Monitoring has evolved from just listening to calls to evaluating chats, emails and tweets.  How you represent your company has transcended from just the traditional oral engagement into this world wide web we call the internet.  Unfortunately, what you type can come across differently then your intended outcome.  With our voices, we can use inflection and tone and / or just the flow of the conversation.

Even the most seasoned communicator can have the “uh-oh” effect when sending out written communications.  As a sales and marketing executive like myself, I can even make mistakes and hope that my clients and followers understand my true nature in our communication.  This is only a hope and I know that it isn’t always the case.  So, when one makes a faux pas in their writing, they must be ready to correct their mistake immediately.

Once you have written and sent out your thoughts, they will forever be burned into the Social Media World.  Companies can not afford to have that bad press out there waiting to explode.  This is where Quality Monitoring can increase the likelihood of positive customer experiences that can outweigh any negatives.  By picking up on incorrect grammar, wording or written tone can really save a customer interaction and help in coaching agents the proper way to interact via written form.

Social Media is here to stay and the tilt in online communication is increasing daily.  Utilizing a Quality program to catch potential “uh-ohs” can increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Don’t be caught with out your plan of action to coach and train your agents on proper written etiquette.  Believe it or not, there are more Grammar nerds out there than you think….