Git ‘R’ Done in your Call Center

We have all heard the Cable Guy’s catch phrase of “Git-R-Done,” but it is always easier said then done.  Call Centers are busy places and sometimes one just doesn’t have the time to Git R Done.  Putting out a fire here and there can cause some things to be pushed to the end of the week, month or even the quarter.  Managers are usually running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  So, when it comes to monitoring calls, it may be a lack of time vs. a lack of want.

Call Center Professionals are always asking me why they should look at a 3rd party to do their call monitoring and I always say, “because you know it will get done.”  It will be accomplished and provided back to your managers and supervisors in a timely fashion, so they can do what they do best:  Coach and Train.

Coaching and Training are the absolute backbone to any call center success.  All agents want to do a good job, but if they aren’t provided feedback through coaching and training, then they will never get any better.

I believe it was Einstein that said the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes.  Well, this explains why agents are not getting any better because they are not typically trained and coached on a significant basis.  This is where a company like BPA Quality can come to the rescue.

Providing on-time evaluations to your managers within an online tool will inevitably create a more proficient Quality experience and your managers can rest assured that they will be able to spend their time coaching their agents versus finding a time to just sit and listen to their calls.

Call BPA Quality today to schedule a demo of our online tool and get the assistance your managers are in need of to “Git-R-Done” everyday!