Being too close to see the bigger picture…

Most established call centers work like a well oiled machine…or at least that is what they might believe.  However, if you do the same thing every day, one may lose the insight of what may be a better solution.

For example, those that have a daily commute.  How many of you have driven half way to work or home and didn’t even realized you crossed that bridge or went through that tunnel or even noticed that crazy guy dancing in a Statue of Liberty costume around tax time?  I will have to admit…I’ve done this.  We go on auto-pilot…well we do that with most things we do on a daily basis.  Brushing our teeth, making our 5th cup of coffee, hitting the snooze button 10 times, etc….all of this has us on our internal auto-pilot.  Geesh…how much real time are we losing?  OK…I won’t get all philosophical here.

You may be thinking, “Karyn, what does this have anything to do with my call center?”  Well, that, my fellow blogger/reader, is the million dollar question of this particular blog.  This has everything to do with your call center…you may be too close to the action and going on auto-pilot to really see where it can improve.  Customers do no understand “policy,”  all they want is a great experience.

Taking the time to step back and look into the inner workings of calls and coaching is a difficult task from someone so engaged at the front level.  Using a 3rd party to verify or conduct your evaluations is the best way to overcome the daily grind and truly get an outsiders’ (customers’) view of interactions with your agents.

Why do you think there is marriage counseling?  It is for an unbiased party to look into a marriage that may be falling apart and provide additional insight into what may not be working in their relationship.  One may think they are doing everything right, when in fact they can be incredibly wrong.  Couples become so engaged in their own wants instead of what the marriage needs.

Although BPA Quality cannot provide you marital advise, a 3rd party can give you that unbiased, customer centric view of your company, agents, managers and relationships that you would not be able to accomplish working within the center.

What does a quality interaction look and sound like?  You may think that your customer satisfaction is high; I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have my customer loyalty high.  I want my customers to be advocates for my brand.  Are your current satisfactions scores turning you customers into advocates or looking at your competition to do business with?