Parlez vous…Hable es….Do you Speak? Do you Understand?

Most call centers are hosts to many different customers that speak many different languages.  Not only are they speaking different languages, but they are also coming to companies with different cultural backgrounds too.  How can you possibly be listening to all the languages and understanding the customer experience?

I was speaking to an executive of a call center the other day and he stated that currently he had outsourced call centers in Egypt and his Quality Monitoring company was based in India.  So, if his customers were Americans, then how could he possibly believe that the cross over of translation is actually uncovering the true Customer Experience?  Sure, the Quality agents may understand English, but what about the American culture?  This goes for listening to an agent speaking Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese and deciphering the true Quality Experience.  My answer was, that you can’t.

I have been talking to Call Center Folks for years and could probably share some pretty funny stories…for instance, the Indian Call Center Agent asking the guy from Alabama if he wanted a Fagging or Non-Fagging room during his Caribbean Cruise.  Now that is just something you couldn’t even make up.  The language was there, compliance was there, but what was lost was the Cultural dynamics of American English and British English.  If the Quality Agent was Indian too, then this nuance would have been missed.  I’m right, aren’t I?

The point of this quick blog is to really understand monitoring of multiple languages…the best scenario is to have Americans listen to American calls and natural born speakers to listen to those queues as well – bottom line.

By the way, did you know that BPA Quality can listen and monitor up to 35+ different languages and we ONLY hire those with the cultural know-how of that language.  Wow… I don’t think you can find that anywhere else!