Why Outsource your Quality Monitoring?

This question is posed to BPA Quality almost daily.  Why should we outsource Quality to you when we have an in house team or managers doing it?  The answer is simple:  So, you can get Unbiased, Transparent and Objective evaluations, while lowering your costs.

“Yeah, Yeah…,” is probably what you are thinking, “I’ve heard this song and dance before.”  True, any company trying to sell you stuff or services will pull out the old ROI card.  Well, let me just list a few things that outsourcing your Quality can provide to your call center / customer experience:

  • BPA Quality already has the tools in place to provide Quality Assessments
  • We specialize in Quality and provide QA Experts through training
  • We provide our own IT Support
  • We do all the Recruitment
  • We upgrade and enhance our tools at no expense to our customers
  • You get a Fixed rate based on how many Audits you want
  • We can expand and Grow for you, as your need arises.
  • We maintain Security and Privacy through our own PCI certification
  • You don’t have to worry about turnover, office equipment depreciation, updating computers, hardware or software maintenance, telecommunication costs or the need for technology enhancements or replacements.
  • Above all, we provide low costs to you because we are efficient in what we specialize in:  QUALITY and THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

If you need anymore reasons, call me today!  I love to chat about Quality!!!