An Interview with a BPA Analyst – Jarred Guzman

BPA Quality invites you to meet Jarred Guzman.  This born and raised New Yorker grew up in Long Island and loves New York.  He joined BPA in July of 2009 and has worked evaluating service delivery for the cable industry and most recently has been auditing service and process adherence for a financial services company.  We caught up with Jarred and he shared more with us….

What do you like most about working at BPA? “Hands down I enjoy helping our clients ensure that they are doing all they can for their customers and delivering really good service.  It’s so important that agents give accurate information and customers really appreciate it when they get someone on the line who will help them.  You can hear it in the customer’s voice how glad they are when an agent does all they can for them.  That’s not easy to do these days, and I enjoy helping companies succeed.”

Is there an area where companies are missing out when it comes to delivering great service?Companies today miss out when they don’t connect with the customer.  I hear this frequently where the agent just goes through the motions of talking to the customer without finding out what is really important to that person.  Agents often don’t deviate from the process and just do what is on their screen and they miss connecting with the customer.  Agents who do connect explain things more clearly and in a way the customer understands.  Connecting demonstrates that the agent cares, reduces call backs, and customers appreciate it.  It’s so much better than being treated as just another call.”

 Considering what you do each day, have your expectations as a customer changed since working at BPA?  “Yes, they’ve changed.  When I call a company for assistance, I find myself measuring how long they keep me on hold and listening to the words the agents use.”  Jarred adds with a smile, “I don’t tell them what I do or offer advice, even when they tell me that there’s nothing they can do for me.  I also won’t hesitate to involve a supervisor to assist with my account if needed.”

Are there any companies that recently wowed you with their service delivery?  “Yes!  I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised with an exchange I had with my internet, home phone, and cable provider.  I called them to pay my bill and while they had me on the line, they reviewed my account with me and told me about a promotion that would save me money.  I was able to reduce my bill and get more movie channels.  I was impressed with the professionalism and information that was presented, and hey – I saved money too, which is great!”

Outside of work you are most likely to find Jarred enjoying any type of physical activity as health and physical fitness are priorities.  He enjoys playing basketball, working out in the gym, and running.  While he is currently taking a break from the sport, he was an amateur boxer for seven years.  In addition to watching Manny Pacquaio in the ring, Jarred is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, the New York Yankees, and watching Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls.

If you visit the Long Island area, Jarred recommends you give Café Formaggio a try, as it’s one of his favorite places to dine near the office.  When he’s not in New York, you most likely will find Jarred on a cruise somewhere warm.  “I enjoy trying all the various cuisines and varieties of meals when I cruise, and then being able to just relax – that’s my favorite way to vacation.”

Interviewed by Stephanie Taylor at BPA Quality