Meet Pam Vilaprino-Gonzalez: A BPA Quality Analyst

Pam Vilaprino-Gonzalez is one of our many talented quality analysts at BPA

Pam Vilaprino Gonzalez

Quality. For well over a year Pam has contributed her efforts analyzing and evaluating the performance of agents in the cable and entertainment industries.  Her prior experience, all of which involved personalized service delivery and customer service based roles, has helped Pam provide great feedback when evaluating service interactions over the phone.

Pam recently shared some thoughts about her role and the difference she is making each day – both inside and outside the office.

What do you like most about working at BPA? “Making a difference – a positive impact – for all the agents I hear on a daily basis.  That is truly the best part of this job!  The agents I review depend on me and with my specific feedback, these agents can have a long career.  If I give them my best, these agents can be at their best – which is so important to every customer they encounter. I especially like hearing agents that I regularly score make progress. When that agent nails a measure or perfects a behavior they’ve been working on, I can’t help but smile.”

“I also admit that I like the fast paced environment at BPA.  There’s no opportunity to slack off, so I never have a chance to get bored or disinterested in what I’m doing.  I enjoy staying busy and the challenges of meeting our goals.  That keeps me motivated and happy.”

What advice do you have for agents delivering service over the phone? “I wish agents would show some empathy to their customers.  It’s not hard to do and all customers need it.  There are so many over the phone service interactions these days and an agent simply saying “Oh, that must be frustrating.  I’m so sorry to hear that. I’ll be happy to take care of that for you today!”displays the human touch to the interaction.  Empathy goes a long way in conveying that customers are valued.

I’d remind all agents about the power in their tone.  A lot of times agents don’t mean to, but they agitate the customer simply by how they are delivering information.  If the company runs out of a sale item or a product is no longer offered, the tone used when this is explained to the customer is what is going to be remembered by that customer.  If the tone is flat with no variation, customers know you don’t care about them, their needs, or the company you are representing.”

Has working in a role evaluating service delivery affected your service expectations?  “Yes, it has! I find that my expectations as a customer have increased.  When I’m in a store, I catch myself going through a mental checklist of service points where the associate is missing the mark.  And I really don’t like hearing “I’m sorry,” when I know they don’t mean it.  What agent’s need to be reminded of is that the customer’s behavior will stay more appropriate if the agent is eager to help and displays understanding of the inconvenience to the customer.  Agents remaining professional and helpful will often decrease the customer’s irritation.”

What’s a common misconception about call monitoring?  “Two things, 1. Everyone thinks that monitoring happens on live calls.  Many individuals are amazed to know that most calls are recorded and then evaluated.  2.  Another thing that surprises me is when people ask me about the customers’ behavior.  I would think that they would be more interested if I tell them about rude agents, not rude customers!  You wouldn’t believe the questions I get asking about difficult or unruly customers.”

Pam was born in Costa Rica and moved to New York when she was 9.  She has spent time in Nicaragua, where her Mother is from, and is fluent in Spanish and English.  She has a twin sister, Stacey, who Pam declares “is the total opposite of me!”

Outside of the office you’re likely to find Pam leading youth groups from her church in community service projects, camping, and donating her time serving as treasurer for two non-profit organizations.  She recently finished a year-long study completing her Master Guide certification.  She’ll put this new certification to good use when she helps organize and lead camps that develop young people.  She also enjoys photography and loves animals.

When visiting the BPA office, Pam would invite you to join her for lunch at her favorite local lunch spot – Louie’s Pizzeria. “Louie’s is so busy! I usually get my lunch to go and enjoy sitting outside by the water fountain area enjoying the great food and outdoors.”