Passing the Buck in Customer Service?

Yesterday I went to my local grocery store and while checking out, the cashier answered the phone. The caller was asking whether or not they carried a certain creamer flavor. Well, since the cashier was assisting me, she asked the store supervisor/manager if they had the white chocolate International Delight Creamer.  The manager didn’t know and suggested paging dairy.
Ok…if this was a huge grocery store and if they were busy, I can understand why the need to page another employee. However, I was the only patron in the store (It was early and I had just dropped my daughter off at school). The funny thing is that I looked over my shoulder and I could see the dairy section. My Question: Why wouldn’t they just run over there and look, instead of having the customer wait on someone that may or may not have heard the page? Is Customer Service passing the buck too much that it a detriment to actual service levels? Or is this something that should be passed off to that department? Are service departments hiding behind protocol, when all they need to do is service the customer?