5 Reasons to Monitor Your Agent Performance

Reasons to Monitor Your Agent Performance

Customers ask us all the time, “Is call monitoring really effective, and if I do it, how often should I do it?” BPA recommends no less than twice a week for basic monitoring and analysis and to get the most out of your program, your agents should receive some kind of feedback on their performance on a daily basis. Constant reinforcement of the quality aspect of your call activities is paramount to their ability to become the agent you need them to be. Call Monitoring, when done properly IS EFFECTIVE, and it all begins with the Hawthorne Effect…

The Hawthorne Effect – According to wikipedia.org, the Hawthorne Effect is defined as: “An experimental effect in the direction expected but not for the reason expected; i.e., a significant positive effect that turns out to have no causal basis in the theoretical motivation for the intervention, but is apparently due to the effect on the participants of knowing themselves to be studied in connection with the outcomes measured.”

This philosophy breaks down the fundamentals of the human psyche…humans in general will perform at a higher level if they think someone is keeping track of them. This same philosophy applies to the Monitoring of your call center agents…it is scientifically proven that they will perform at a higher level if they know you are listening to them! The reasons to monitor are many:

Lower Call Volumes – for every call you can eliminate, you won’t have to spend the money on that contact. This will require fewer agents, less management, less telephony, and less infrastructure. In an outsourced environment, this can manifest itself in direct savings if your contract is based on a per call formula.

Lower Call Times – Very closely tied to Lower Call Volumes, Lower Call Time reduces cost in all the same areas…if your agents are dealing with the customers effectively and efficiently, your call time will drop and save you money

First Call Resolution – Again, tied to lower call volumes, if your agents are solving the customer’s request the first time around, and therefore, those customers won’t be calling back and costing you money!

Sales/Retention Effectiveness – The true measure of a company is its ability to sell its wares or services. In many contact centers, the effectiveness of their sales and retention agents have a significant impact on the financial status of the company. The more the agents sell, the more money the company makes!

Customer Satisfaction – Of all the ROI factors, this has, historically, been the most difficult one to quantify. Common sense dictates that a happy customer costs less than an unhappy customer…but tying this level of satisfaction to a dollar figure has always been difficult. Happy customers remain customers, refer their friends and associates, and tend to spend more freely with your organization, which all make money for you. Unhappy customers cancel, spend less and tell their friends bad things about your company, which costs you money.

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