Portraying a Negative Image with Words and Phrases

There are many words and phrases you can use that will portray either a positive or negative view of yourself or your company.  In call centers, one must be very cognoscente of the words being used because there is no body language or facial expression to go with it.  In the next couple of blogs, negative words and phrases will be discussed and how you can flip them to a positive outcome by choosing appropriate words.

First Phrase:  “I can’t…, We won’t be able to…”

These words generate an image of unhelpfulness and unwillingness to assist the caller.  Even when we are in situations where we have limited options we can still turn these around by focusing on specifically what we, as individuals, can do for the customer and how we can help them.  When we personally are unable to do this, we can still offer to find the right person/department.  As an exercise, think of a real life customer situation problem that you recently experienced.  Write it down, then write next to it the solutions you can offer to the customer next time you come across a similar situation.  Example, “Thank you for your inquiry, my manager, Jane, can assist you with that right away.”

There are strategies in increasing the positive image of your company by either leaving negative words out of conversation or replacing them.

Stay tuned for the next blog on negative words and phrases by BPA Quality.

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