The Different Types of Calibration Explained…

Calibration is vital within any healthy Call Center Operation and there can be confusion to what calibration is and how it is done.

According to ICMI’s Pocket Guide to Call Center Management Terms, Calibration is defined as follows:

“In a call center, calibration is the process in which variations in the way performance criteria are interpreted from person to person are minimized.  In a typical calibration session, the people who routinely monitor agents individually monitor the same call.  The ratings and/or scores are then discussed until the group comes to consensus on the most appropriate ratings and/or scores.”

In this quick blog, I will attempt to explain each type of calibration.  Please feel free to add any additional thoughts…

Forum Calibration

Scheduled meeting, call played during conference call, scores collected and discussed.  Excellent for promoting overall discussion and opinion.

Blind Calibration

Sample call distributed and scored independently by all participants, scores compared, variation discussed and clarified.

Verification Process

Hybrid, call center and QA team conduct standard audits and then audit on another’s audits.  Each determines agreement/disagreement and overall variations.