What needs to be Present for a Customer to be Satisfied?

In a past blog, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty, I described a scenario about not only being Satisfied, but becoming a Loyal Customer.  The trick is that you first must create satisfaction and then Wow your customers into being loyal.  There are steps involved in becoming a Best in Class center and below are the steps involved in maintaining Customer Satisfaction (“meh” customer service).

Firstly, Agents need to show concern/interest for the Customer and their issue.  If this isn’t present, then the customer becomes disinterested in doing business with your company.

Secondly, the Agent must respect the Customer’s Time.  If there are excessive hold times without explanation, the customer becomes aggravated and ready to move onto your competitor.

Thirdly, the Agent must be knowledgeable.  Customers are calling to get answers to their issues and if your agents cannot give them proper information, then the interaction becomes frustrating to the customer.  Frustrated Customers do not equal to Satisfied Customers.

Lastly, was the Customer’s issue resolved?  If the Customer calls in and hangs up the phone with no real answer, then he or she is NOT satisfied.  Ensure their  issue is resolved before letting them hang up.

These steps are only for Satisfaction, but who really only wants SATISFIED customers or to be only a satisfied customer?  I know I don’t want to give “meh” customer service to my customers…

One thought on “What needs to be Present for a Customer to be Satisfied?

  1. The primary objective of meeting customer expectations is First Call Resolution(FCR), then for the agent to build a relationship with the customer an immediate relationship is formed based on the customer feeling he is valued-which is what the customer expects.

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