Ask your Outsourcer if they are PCI compliant…

If the answer is no, then your company can incur penalties from $5K – $100K per  month for violations.  PCI compliancy ensures that security breaches and payment card data is not compromised.  If you process, store or transmit credit card information, then you MUST be PCI.

If your call center is PCI, but your 3rd party call monitoring partner is not, you can be held accountable for the compromised payment card data.  At BPA Quality, we found it a necessity to become PCI for our clients.  Our philosophy is to be your partner and to ensure that data is secure.  Ultimately, the breach of security can cause a loss in reputation, customers, an increase in financial responsibilities and Litigation.

Don’t be caught with your proverbial pants down by your outsource partner.  Work with folks that take security and your business seriously!