BPA Quality in NY after Hurricane Sandy

The devastation that hit New York a few weeks ago hasn’t changed the dedication that BPA Quality’s Analysts have shown toward their clients.  Most of the employees are still without power and findthe office is warmer and safer than their own homes.  Although their thoughts are weighing on them, they are dedicated to come into work to ensure that evaluations have been done and clients have what they need to continue their Call Center Quality. Working from a remote location in Virginia, I find it amazing how my coworkers push to be available and arrive to work through unthinkable situations.  I am extremely proud to be part of this team of extraordinary individuals.

BPA Quality Analysts in Carle Place, NY

David Blackwell, Owner and President, said that BPA Employees are “so amazing and resilient.”  He actually had to make them go home on the day that Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island because they wanted to be sure all their work was completed first. In sales, we discuss how BPA Quality takes a partnership approach with our customers and as you can see this is a perfect example of that philosophy that trickles right down to the Analysts. Although there are sad faces in the office because of the tremendous loss of property, shelter, etc. in New York, BPA Quality Analysts have worked together to ensure their job is done well and their clients are given the highest in Quality work possible.