Avoiding Jargon in Call Centers

Recently, I was putting together a list of call center acronyms for a fellow colleague that I found helpful years ago when I begun my call center quality journey.  I remember hearing these acronyms and not understanding exactly what people were saying.  As a new employee anywhere, you are bombarded with new information and terminology.  Once you become comfortable with the position, you fall into the company jargon quickly.  This makes day to day operations easier for you; however, you become one of those folks that use jargon around new employees.

As a coach, I was trained to avoid this at all costs and realize that the new employee is in fact new to the organization too.   As a tenured employee, we use this language in every day office life.  Even in call centers, this can become a problem.  When an agent is speaking to a customer about “policy and procedures,” the jargon can slip.  The customer has no idea what you might be talking about and in turn several things can happen:

  1. The Customer will hang up with the agent and either call again or never call again
  2. The Customer will become frustrated with the agent
  3. The Customer will not understand the next steps and therefore call again

All the above factors will ultimately decrease the Quality of the transaction between the customer and the agent.  As humans, we must be reminded often that everyone doesn’t revolve around our own experiences.  And just because you know what IVR, CSAT, Salesforce and/or CRM means doesn’t mean that your customer will.

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