The Monster living in your Contact Center.

frankensteinDoes a MONSTER live in your Contact Center? 

This MONSTER consists of uncalibration, lack of constant coaching, animosity toward QA and nit picking.  The Monster is easily created, especially if the contact center is in survival mode.  The Contact Center Monster is a Quality Program that is scary enough to cause Shelley to turn in her Quill.

Grab your pitchforks and torches because here is how you catch and destroy that Contact Center Nightmare.

First weapon of defense is getting the buy-in of all agents, supervisors and management teams to the Quality Program.  The posse needs to join together and provide a unified mob.  A lot of centers make the mistake of creating an us VS. them (QA VS. managers and Agents) mentality.   The bigger the mob, the stronger it can be.

Next weapon is Calibration!  Ok – so, that is another monster, but listening and relying on great tools for success can easily tame it.  Once you have everyone knowledgeable on what is being listened for, then success is ACHIEVABLE and WANTED.

Third weapon is listening for what is important to your customer, not what is necessarily best for the bottom line.  For instance, everyone knows that sunlight kills a vampire, but it won’t work on Frankenstein.  So, why would bring a weapon that emits sunlight, if you were looking to destroy ‘ol Frankie? 

Fourth weapon is consistent coaching / training.  Look, if I were going to fight a REAL Monster, I would make sure that I worked out and trained for the fight.  That means that I would be at the gym doing crunches and attempting to lift Smart Cars to become stronger.  That is what Coaching does for agents.  It makes them stronger and more capable of providing award-winning service.  It gives them the arsenal needed to be successful.

Lastly, but definitely not least, move beyond the catching agents in doing something wrong idea of Quality.  The truth is that a great Quality program consists of providing opportunities for the agents to get even better and celebrate their awesomeness in service.  Cheer on the team and the confidence to destroy the monster will always win in the end.

Now that we are ready to destroy that MONSTER, what are you waiting for?  Oh, by the way, I hear Monsters like candy, preferably chocolate!

Happy Halloween!

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