‘Common Sense’ Quality

Common Sense QualityAs a Global Quality Monitoring Firm, BPA Quality views numerous Quality Forms.  It is amazing when companies are asked why they are measuring certain behaviors, and they are unable to explain how it helps their customers to experience a better interaction.  There are always frequent  ‘a-ha’ moments when our team begins working with a new client.

Quality measurements need to be in line with the call centers’ goals in achieving the ultimate in Customer Experience.  Unfortunately, the misconception of Quality Teams as spies on what agents are doing incorrectly is the furthest from the truth.  Quality Analysts (Quality Evaluators) are listening to provide missed opportunities to help agents manage a sales, support or tech call easily, and give the customer an incredible experience, which he/she will yell to the world.

By monitoring calls, trends appear that create opportunities for greatness, not only by agent and team, but by overall business acumen.  Just like physically working out, one becomes stronger and healthier.  Quality gives managers the tools and knowledge to help their teams to become strong agents, and provide them with tools the agents need to provide the ultimate in Customer Service.

Everyone deserves a great customer experience, and that is what BPA Quality strives for on a Global level.  By utilizing voice of the customer through Quality Monitoring, Call Center teams can build their brand and service in one easy, successful interaction.

Looking at Quality Monitoring in a different light, and understanding the pieces of the Quality puzzle can ensure managers and supervisors have the tools needed to capture the ‘common sense’ Quality Factor.  Measure and Listen to what is important to your customer and implement training and policy changes is truly the best way to provide the ultimate in Customer Experience.