What is the role of the Coach in a Contact Center?

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What is the role of the Coach in a Contact Center environment? It really depends on whom you ask. Many common responses from Supervisors/Managers are:

  • To Mentor
  • To Lead
  • To Motivate
  • To Encourage
  • To Guide

In contrast, many common responses from Contact Center Agents are:

  • To Correct Adherence
  • To Provide Stats
  • To Shorten AHT
  • To Produce Reports
  • To Point Out Errors
  • You can quickly see the varied perceptions of the role of a coach…but what should it be? We can start by asking a few key questions.

Are we truly motivating, encouraging and mentoring our Team Members?

How would your Team Members describe the effectiveness of the coaching/feedback they receive?

Are the things we feedback to our agents directly related to the satisfaction of the customer?

In many cases, feedback in a contact center environment focuses on emphasizing an agent’s short-comings and involves telling the agent what to change and how…

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