The Do’s and Don’ts of a “Quality” Quality Assurance Program

Call Center Coaching & Training

Most professionals in the Contact Center industry have seen many Quality Assurance programs come and go throughout their career. Often describing the programs as nit-picky, scripted or simply a checklist.

Even more concerning, you may have noticed some agents or supervisors just going through the motions – waiting for the current program to be replaced with the next new fad in Contact Center communication.

Some Quality Assurance Programs have become so complicated and scripted that they have lost focus of the most important aspect – The Customer.

So what does it take to ensure a “Quality” Quality Assurance Program?

Research shows that producing outstanding interactions with Customers is much easier when there is a Customer Centered Culture within the organization. Think about how some of those organizations that have a reputation for outstanding Customer Service. An essential part of their training is intertwining this Customer Centered Culture with…

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