The Spinal Tap Approach to Customer Service

BPA QUALITY: Expert Series By The Professor

As a child of the 80’s and an avid musician, one of the most impactful rockumentaries I ever watched was “This is Spinal Tap,” a story of a fictitious bumbling heavy metal band, directed by everyone’s favorite meathead, Rob Reiner. If you loved the music of this era or are a musician yourself, you would instantly connect to the absurd hilarity of the situations the band encounters. Musicians and bands through the years have found similarities in this movie to their own experiences…and so should we in the world of customer service.

Black Album Cover – The band released a “less than PG” album cover to which the record company quickly changed into a solid black nothingness cover. THE LESSON: Just because you think something is clever doesn’t mean your customers will feel the same way. Test out your ideas on some customers before committing to anything borderline risky and…

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