Can the Greatest Rock Songs Ever Teach Us About Customer Experience?

BPA QUALITY: Expert Series By The Professor

In a typical down time office scenario, idle chat lead to a discussion about the greatest rock songs of all time. The debate raged on, some offering classics such as “Stairway to Heaven,” By Led Zeppelin or “Under Pressure,” by David Bowie. Some threw in modern songs by Pearl Jam and Nirvana, while others chose to go classic and stick with mega bands such as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. While we never solved the debate and selected a consensus top five songs, one thing was clear…there was something about all these songs that made them great and we could learn something from them in our world at of contact center quality.

What about the greatest rock songs ever can relate to contact center quality and your customer experience…let’s let rock and roll show the way:

Be Genuine…but understand your audience – When Billy Joel wrote, “Piano Man,”…

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