Audit to Insight: from ‘box check’ to driving business tranformation

Who can tell you what your customers are saying – as it happens? Who can you talk to about your customers’ reaction to your latest campaign? Who can provide insight into how your Advisors are adapting to the recent process changes or new initiatives?

In each market, at each site, within each team, language, skill set – all in real time? Answer, of course, your Quality Team.

Your QA Teams, whether in house or your expert partner, on top of delivering the business requirement, are your eyes and ears into your customer’s experiences interacting with your organisation. The 000s of customer stories they listen to uniquely expose them to what’s really happening in your organisation. So how do you extract this wealth of insight and make it actionable within your business?

An increasing number of organisations engage with us to enhance, sometimes overhaul, their QA programmes. Some feel they have reached a plateau with their current setup and want to move up to the next level whilst others want to ensure they are best-in-class in their industry as this provides a competitive edge.

From an organisational mindset, where quality was previously seen as a functional need (regulatory requirement /check the box / nice to have / useful info) we are seeing a growing need to drive back real time insight into the business which in turn enables them to make better decisions – and faster.

The most effective programmes can cover all levels of your insight: from regulatory to business and customer critical as well as ad-hoc tactical requirements whilst your business evolves.

Show Me The Value!
Over the years at BPA Quality we have witnessed a real evolution working with organisations right across the customer experience space in the UK, EMEA, US and globally, in their approach to their quality function and what place this holds in their growth strategies.

For a Quality Programme to positively drive business success, your whole organisation needs to truly understand how much each function can gain from a world class Quality Programme. To be truly effective it requires the right level of commitment, resourcing, engagement, process and procedures and technology.

This will then add value to your customers, team members and business as a whole and how your measure this value is key. Tangible value as ‘measured improvements’ now spans right across the organisational spectrum and is going way beyond the traditional QA measures.

The benefits can truly be transformational as the actionable insight produced by the Quality programme when fed back into the business will drive data based decisions not only in your Ops, Training, Development and HR Teams but also Client Management, Legal, Compliance, Marketing and Product Development.

Key success factors to this is setting out the right metrics and methods right at the project outset. We see the critical importance of this when we onboard new Client programmes and we workshop the chosen goals as part of our project scoping from our 50+ bank of business impacting measures.

Highly agile and dynamic people and technology setups are critical to adapt to the evolving demands of your business and produce fully reliable data where there many moving parts.

As the saying goes “In the Lord we trust, for every thing else – we want to see the data”.

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