Go Psycho On Your Contact Center

BPA QUALITY: Expert Series By The Professor

While in some cases murder may seem like the best way to manage your call center, that is not the type of Psycho I am talking about. My company, bpaquality.com, wanted to transform how we looked at data and find those golden nuggets of change for our clients. We had quality data, customer feedback data, operational data, financial data…more data than you could shake a butcher’s knife at…so we decided to go psycho on it.

Psychometrician that is. What is a Psychometrician you say? Well, simply stated it’s a very smart person who knows a ton about statistics and uses them to measure and understand human behaviors. Our resident Psychometrician can prove anything, correlate anything and justify pretty much any course of action we recommend for our clients. So why did we take this path and why should you find this useful? Let’s find out why:

People Lie, Numbers Don’t…

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