BPA Quality

BPA Quality

With over 30+ years experience, over 100 different clients, and millions of observations Printmade worldwide, BPA Quality has the experience, knowledge and ingenuity to help you achieve the highest possible Call Center Quality Customer Experience. The key to our success is in the philosophy that drives our Company.

Founded in 1988, BPA Quality has provided over 100 clients with millions of observations and countless recommendations on how to improve their Call Center activities and businesses as a whole. BPA was formed by a group of like-minded people who were interested in radically altering the approach to the development of Customer Service Delivery, Sales and Support principally within Call Centers.

The genesis of BPA’s philosophies began by providing training services to Call Center clientele. Our founders were conscious that training was often theoretical and could not always be related in a practical sense to the practical issues of performing a task or improving business results…without proper measurement and feedback, the training efforts were open-ended and unaccountable.

Shortly after, BPA began to develop its philosophies around the monitoring and research aspects of the business. The ensuing result is twenty years and a wealth of evidence comparing the performance of companies worldwide, and the ability to determine the influence differing aspects of the call had on the Customer and the Agent.

The BPA approach to Call Center development is unique in as much as it provides objective evidence of performance, and data that helps construct strategies to improve overall performance on an ongoing basis. To do so, BPA has developed the BPABuilder™ concept to deliver our clients with the tools needed to build, repair and maintain a Quality Customer Service Experience.

With the most experience and expertise in the industry, Over 100 companies worldwide have trusted BPA to deliver the Quality Solutions and Strategies needed to compete in today’s market…but don’t take our word for it, click here to read what our customers have to say about us.